Family plays an important role in our personal development and understanding of the world around us. No two families are the same, and every family functions in unique ways. However, one commonality is that any change in one member of the family affects both the family structure and each member individually, often creating distress. In addition, the struggles of one family member may be a symptom of a larger family problems. Often times, these struggles come at family/individual transition points. 


A central goal of family therapy is to understand how the relationships and the structure of the family are being affected by the particular issue and how the family maintains that particular issue. The primary goal is to strengthen the family relationship, understand the influences on the family, and develop and strengthen communication.


If your family is feeling "stuck", family therapy can help improve overall individual and family functioning.

Benefits of family therapy...

  • Family members will learn their strengths and weaknesses

  • Learn better ways to communicate feelings

  • Better understanding of boundaries, family patterns and dynamics

  • Learn ways to manage conflict and resolve issues

  • Resolve sibling issues

  • Gain better parent-child communication

  • Gain clear perspective of how a family functions, and each person’s role

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